Friday, July 13, 2007

Githongo’s Wild and Wicked Sodom & Gomorrah Partying Romps in the White Highlands

THE KENYAN GAY SCENE is more secretive than most others around the world. It operates through truly cult-like networks. It also has an elite that gravitates around the large diplomatic corps, media foreign correspondents and international NGOS (the so-called INGOS) communities.

At the very top, among the expatriates and their Kenyan lovers, it is the modern-day equivalent of the so-called “Happy Valley” set of the colonial era that flourished from the 1920s to the 1940s, bringing a life of “White Mischief” lavish parties, sexual infidelities, wife swapping, alcoholism and drug-taking to the Equator.

To this day, Kenya still has a British aristocratic settler elite, represented by such characters as Thomas Cholmondeley, 39, the son of Hugh Cholmondeley, the fifth Baron (Lord) Delamere, and the Jockey Club of Kenya (about which more in a moment). Thomas is currently a guest of GK at the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, where he is held on murder charges for the second time since 2005. His forefathers were part of the decadent Happy Valley set, a clique of colonial playboys whose debauched lifestyles were exposed in the notorious "White Mischief" trial in 1941, in which one Sir Jock Delves Broughton was charged but acquitted of the murder of the 22nd Earl of Erroll.

The most notable Delamere was Hugh Cholmondeley, the 3rd Baron Delamere, and his story was featured in two of the biggest Hollywood movies on Kenya, White Mischief, based on James Fox’s novel on the real events of the “Happy Valley” murder of the Earl of Erroll, and Out of Africa, from Karen Blixen’s autobiographical accounts of her time in Kenya and her romance with Denys Finch Hatton. The 3rd Baron Delamere, also known simply as “D”, came to Kenya 104 years ago, in 1903.

The Happy Valley lot, also known as the “gin-and-tonic” (G&T) set, established the template in this country for a life of drugs, booze, polo, parties, mate swapping (and stealing), and occasionally murder among the cream of the cream of Kenya’s elite that continues to this day. This was the high life of private planes, safaris, and seemingly endless holidays on golden beaches. It was the kind of lifestyle that comes with serious disposable income. Life was one big party with endless sun, sea and sex, all backed up by an army of cheap black labour doing all the real work.


Maina Karungu said...

You can abuse Githongo all you want. You can call him gay and try to discredit him all you want.... - But we the Kenyan people, know what John Githongo has done for Kenya. Your cheap shots on your blog don't shake our opinions on Githongo at all.
Githongo is one of the greatest Kenyans who ever lived. People like you put Kenya to shame. You are a daft asshole who should be lynched like the common Nairobi thief.
Your mother should be ashamed to have a child like you. SHAME ON YOU, ASSHOLE!!

Maina Karungu

Blake said...

I'm quite interested in reading concrete evidence regarding Githongo's and Prof. Makau Mutua's Homosexuality. Please provide the same instead of talking around in circles.

Anonymous said...

How unfortunate, you are a disgrace to whoever gave birth to you. Didn't know that we have enemies of development like you. All along Githongo is up in arms trying to rid this country of corruption, but idlers like you are out to tarnish his good reputation.
My guess is that you are working for the government and you won't achieve your goal. You can go hang yourself with a bubble gum if you wish.

coldtusker said...

LOL... this is effing hilarious... You accuse Githongo of "social crimes" but puhleeze... show me the money(proof)???

Even mwiraria admitted to some of the "anglo-fleecing" cash being wired back... so we know there was some scam afoot...

Erm, who pays your salary?

Anonymous said...

So, Githongo is a gay, eh?
Doesn't surprise me. He was always the white man's bitch as far as i'm concerned. Githongo is a traitor but, his sexual proclivities are his business.

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